Spring Cleaning tips and tricks

Sneaky ninja moves and tips and tricks to help keep a cleaner home

Patrick Rumore - REALTOR

4/24/20242 min read

this house was clean yesterday we're sorry you missed it text
this house was clean yesterday we're sorry you missed it text

Conquering the Chaos: 16 Sneaky Ninja Moves for an Organized Home

Let's face it, homes are like toddlers - adorable but messy. Unlike toddlers (hopefully!), they don't magically clean themselves. But fear not, weary warrior against clutter! These 16 sneaky ninja moves will have your house feeling organized and under control in no time.

Short and Sweet Wins

  • 20 Minutes a Day: You don't need a marathon cleaning session. Just 20 minutes a day focusing on one area can make a huge difference.

  • The One-Minute Rule: Got a spare minute? Don't let it go to waste! Put away that stray cup or toss that Amazon box in for recycling.

Habits Make the Home

  • Laundry on Autopilot: Start a load of laundry before you head out the door. Future you will thank you when you come home to (almost) clean clothes.

  • Be a Roommate, Not a Hoarder: Leaving a room? Scan for any misplaced toys, cups, or clothes and return them to their rightful spots.

  • Nix the Mail Pile: Sort through your mail as soon as you grab it. Trash the junk and assign a home for the keepers.

Tech to the Rescue

  • Scan and Ditch: Important documents piling up? Scan them with your phone and toss the paper versions. There are tons of apps that can help.

Taking Advantage of Downtime

  • Microwave Magic: Those five minutes waiting for lunch to heat up? Perfect for unloading the dishwasher or wiping down counters.

Morning and Night Moves

  • Make Your Bed, Make Your Day: Start your day with a small victory by making your bed. It might just inspire you to tackle other tasks.

  • Nightly Tidy-Up: Grab a laundry basket and do a quick sweep of your house before bed, picking up anything out of place.

Zone Defense Against Clutter

  • Drop Zone by the Door: Create a designated spot by the door for shoes, bags, jackets, and everyday essentials.

  • Fridge Refresh: Dedicate some time each week to clean out expired food and forgotten leftovers.

  • Empty the Dishwasher Daily: Don't let dirty dishes pile up. Take a few minutes each morning to empty the dishwasher.

  • Storage Clean-Out Crew: Schedule a monthly clean-out for your storage areas. Pantries, drawers, and cupboards can become surprising repositories of clutter.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

  • Family Meeting: Get everyone on the same page with a family meeting about chores and maintaining order in the house. Bonus points for serving brownies!

Remember, these are just tips! Find what works for you and your crew, and create a system that keeps your home (and your sanity) in check.