Thank you Jean!

Thank you Jean for reaching out to me to help you determine what your inherited home and adjacent property might sell for.

Please be wary of ANY REALTOR that tells you how much 'they can get you' for your property. Unfortunately, us REALTORS don't determine property values, the market determines the value. What a willing, able, and willing buyer would want to pay for a property, without duress, and of course what a seller would sell that property for. That being said, we could give you a rough estimate of the value of your property by conducting a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

Also be wary of any REALTOR that could give you a final CMA, and try to price your property, without seeing your property.

I did put together a 'rough' CMA for you to look over that includes some recent sales, and some properties currently on the market and under contract. Without seeing your property, and knowing the upgrades done or possibly needed, it is really hard to say what your may be worth.

Without seeing your property to get a good comparison, your property (home only, without the adjacent land) could possibly sell for anywhere between $423K and $778K, I know that is a big range, but after seeing your property, we could narrow it down.

Also, you noted you have some vacant land for sale, next to the property you want to sell. We would need to determine the highest and best use for that land. You have a couple options. First we would need to determine if it is a buildable lot. If it is, you could sell it separately, as buildable land. My thoughts would be that you could probably maximize the value by selling the lot of land with the home as a package. It would be a better investment for the buyer, and you could probably maximize the value of the land and the home in that case, where the whole is worth more than it's parts.

(Also, one odd note is that the Property comes up as 20 Front Street, and the land is coming up 16 Front street on the tax records)

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I would love to meet you and take a look at your home and property, to hopefully help you better. Feel free to contact me anytime for a no obligation consultation.